SCOR Sweden Re – 100 years of Swedish (Re)Insurance History

SCOR Sweden Re was founded in 1914 and is one of the leading reinsurance corporations in the Nordic life and health insurance market with respect to both reinsurance and medical risk assessment. The purpose of the reinsurance industry is to provide insurance for individual insurers. Primary insurers have fairly standardised policies, whereas those of reinsurers are often less so, more internationally oriented and likely to cover very large risks. There is little doubt that primary insurance policies, as well as an insurance market based on fixed premiums, would be difficult to sustain over the long run without reinsurance. Reinsurance enables portfolio diversification by the primary insurer in order to avoid the kinds of devastating losses that could threaten its survival. This research project highlights both the company SCOR Sweden Re and its historical context. We trace the development of the Swedish insurance market from a comprehensive point of view, examining the ways that the market has changed and affected Sweden Re from 1914 to the present. Thus, the discussion takes a wide-ranging approach in order to better understand the company’s interaction with overall insurance and economic trends. We start with a review of the factors and dynamics behind the emergence of the Swedish insurance industry in the mid-1850s and the evolution of the market since the late nineteenth century. By adapting to the arc of history, SCOR Sweden Re has been able to grow and develop both in Sweden and internationally. We then look at the events that have shaped Sweden Re from a chronological point of view, reflecting a specific era, along with the distinctive features that have characterised the insurance industry and the company’s particular role. The history of public insurance and the regulation of the market are among the threads that we follow. The past 35 years are of particular relevance, given that they have fundamentally transformed the insurance market, and SCOR Sweden Re along with it.  

Participants at Uppsala University (UCBH):

Mats Larsson

Mikael Lönnborg

Selection of publications:

Larsson, M. & Lönnborg, M. (2014). SCOR Sweden Re: 100 years of Swedish (Re)Insurance History. Dialogos: Stockholm: 256 pp.

Larsson, M. & Lönnborg, M. (2014), “SCOR Sweden Re: A Century of Reinsurance”, Nordisk Försäkringstidskift (Scandinavian Insurance Quarterly), No. 4, Stockholm. 12 pp.

Larsson, M. & Lönnborg, M. (2014). ”SCOR Sweden Re 100 Years”. The SCOR Sweden Re Nordic Life Insurance Conference 2014. Stockkholm. 


SCOR Sweden Re

Contact persons:

Mats Larsson, Mikael Lönnborg

Ekonomisk-historiska institutionen

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751 20 Uppsala


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