From Drug Industry to Life Science in Stockholm after 1945

This project is part of the research project the modern Economic History of Stockholm. The present study, conducted by Associate Professor Anders Waxell and Professor Jan Ottosson, focus on the historical development of the Swedish drug industry in the Stockholm area after 1945. 


Anders Waxell, Jan Ottosson

Selection of publications:

Waxell, Anders (2009). To capture an emerging industry: using industrial standards to identify the biotech industry. International Journal of Social Research Methodology, Routledge. 12(5): 441-456

Waxell, Anders (2011). Life sciences and human capital: Jobless growth on specialised and local labour markets?. Growth and Change, 42(3): 231-260.

Waxell, Anders & Ottosson, Jan: From Drug Industry to Life Science in Stockholm after 1945 (forthcoming monograph), Stockholmia Förlag.


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Contact persons:

Professor Jan Ottosson, Ekonomisk-historiska institutionen, Box 513, 751 20,

Phone: +46 18 471 12 26



Seminars will take place in Ekonomikum, room K425, 1315-1500

29 August

Margrit Müller, Universität Zürich. "The impact of multinationalization on the firms, their home economy and the host countries. The case of Switzerland during the 20th century"

12 September

Amanda Scardamaglia, Swinburne Law School, Melbourne. Presentation of research project on  "Colonial trademarks".