Failures in Swedish Business Enterprises in the 1980s and 90s

In co-operation with the Department for Business Administration at Uppsala University, a research project on business failures was launched in 1999. During the recession in the first half of the 1990s bankruptcies among Swedish enterprises increased sharply, with an all time high in 1992. Compared to several other developed countries, the rate of failures among Swedish enterprises is quite high. In this research project we focus on the role of banks in business failures, i.e. did the banks through their business promote bankruptcies? In the project we also analyze the role of business networks in the spreading of failures. Another question of importance is whether or not there were differences in the causes and development of business failures between companies owned and run by women compared to those controlled by men.

Participants at Uppsala University:

Maria Axelsson
Kristina Furusten
Mats Larsson

Selection of publications:

Axelsson, M. (2006). Ifrågasatta företagare. Konkursförvaltares syn på kvinnor och män som företagsgäldenärer under 1900-talet. Uppsala Studies in Economic History no 76. Uppsala.


Insamlingsstiftelsen Nödfor

Contact persons:

Professor Mats Larsson, Ekonomisk-historiska institutionen, Box 513, 751 20 Uppsala, Phone +46 18 471 1232,


Seminars will take place in Ekonomikum, room K425, 1315-1500

29 August

Margrit Müller, Universität Zürich. "The impact of multinationalization on the firms, their home economy and the host countries. The case of Switzerland during the 20th century"

12 September

Amanda Scardamaglia, Swinburne Law School, Melbourne. Presentation of research project on  "Colonial trademarks".