Insurance and the Swedish Model

When the modern insurance system was founded in the middle of the nineteenth century, insurance was mainly a matter for the private insurance companies which by agreement with their clients signed both life and non-life insurance. The insurance system has, however, successively widened so that individual insurance also involves public sector commitments and achievements from the parties in the labour market. The growth of the Swedish insurance system has, after the Second World War, to a large extent been affected by political decisions. In this research project we take as our point of departure the institutional changes carried out since the 1940s. The general purpose is to analyze the consequences of these changes for the Swedish insurance model and the insurance enterprises.

Participants at Uppsala University:

Mats Larsson
Mikael Lönnborg
Sven-Erik Svärd

Selection of publications:

Larsson, M., Lönnborg, M. & Svärd S-E. (2005), Den svenska försäkringsmodellens uppgång och fall. Svenska Försäkringsföreningen, Stockholm 2005.

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Contact persons:

Professor Mats Larsson, Ekonomisk-historiska institutionen, Box 513, 751 20 Uppsala, Phone +46 18 471 1232,


Seminars will take place in Ekonomikum, room K425, 1315-1500

29 August

Margrit Müller, Universität Zürich. "The impact of multinationalization on the firms, their home economy and the host countries. The case of Switzerland during the 20th century"

12 September

Amanda Scardamaglia, Swinburne Law School, Melbourne. Presentation of research project on  "Colonial trademarks".